Friday, November 24, 2017

Bath Bomb Recipe that Actually Works!

I have tried several bath bomb recipes that have not worked, but I finally have one that works and I love it!

For this one you need the following ingredients.

Baking Soda – 1 cups
 Citric Acid – 1/2 cup
 Corn Starch – 1/2 cup
 Almond Oil – 2 tsp.
 Essential Oils – 12 drops
 Coloring –4 -6 drops
 Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle
Bath Bomb Molds

Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Corn Starch and Almond Oil (or substitute for any other oil you have on hand) can all be found in your grocery store in the baking isle. I use Young Living Essential Oils.

The bath bomb molds I have used and like can be found here. They are nice because they include a couple different sizes. I like the metal molds for bath bombs, because they easily hold their shape and the bombs are very easy to remove.

Making these bath bombs is very simple, just make sure you mix everything well!

First combine dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

In a separate small bowl combine essential oil and almond oil. If you don't have Almond Oil on hand you can use any other carrier oil you have, including Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc., even Olive Oil would work fine. Again, you want to mix this well!!

Slowly mix wet ingredients into dry ingredients. Go slow!! And mix until no more lumps! I find a fork works well for fixing, you can push out the lumps.  Mix in coloring (if you desire) until no more lumps.
Spray in rubbing alcohol 4 to 5 sprays at a time, continually string until mixture resembles we sand. You will need several sprays of rubbing alcohol to get damp sand texture. But don't add in too much! Add it slowly, so you don't add more than you need. Again I like to use a fork, until it stats to get close to that wet sand phase, then I use my hands! This is the step in the past where I have said, oh I can just slowly pour in rubbing alcohol and it will work just fine. I think the spray is key, so you don't add too much liquid.

Looking like wet sand! It clumps together nicely, and holds the shape I form with my hand.

Fill each side of the mold with the mixture (tightly packing it) so it overflows the top.  Firmly press the two sides together, removing any excess from the sides. Let sit for a minute or two.

Lightly tap the mold with a spoon to gently release the bath bomb from the mold. Let dry over night. Finally ENJOY!!!!

What essential oil combination to use?

For these bath bombs, I wanted a relaxing bath bomb, so I used only Lavender oil.

If I wanted more of a energizing bath blend, I could have used 6 drops of grapefruit essential oil and 6 drops of lemon essential oil A calming bath with only Joy essential oil would be wonderful! Or if you are feeling congested a blend of Eucalyptus (only a few drops or it could irritate your skin) and Peppermint would be soothing!

Using this recipe, and the bath bomb molds I suggested, I only made two large and one small bath bomb. The large molds are pretty large, close to the size of a Lush Bath Bomb. This recipe is easy to double. Just double all the ingredients listed above and use 20 of your favorite essential oil blends instead of 12.

Click for more information about Young  Living Essential Oils!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Essential Oils, Now What? My Favorite Essential Oil Tools

When I first started with my Essential Oils, I did not know where to start. (And I know a lot of people are overwhelmed with starting!) So here are a few of my favorite accessories to get you started with using essential oils! If you have any questions, please let me know!

I am loving making roller ball blends, homemade hand soap, face serums, room sprays and a whole lotta other fun oily things!! I think it is because it reminds me of my Chemistry loving days of College!! Using droppers and measuring everything out!

Here are a few of my must have items needed to make any oily potion you want to make!!

Glass Ware
I have used all of the below and have been very happy with them! The insanely cute colored capped roller balls do not have a metal roller ball, but still work great! You can NEVER have enough glass roll-on bottles, so get the 24 pack from the start! The small spray bottles are great if you want to make a room spray and the dropper bottles are great for making serums and other mixtures. The large spray bottles are great for mixing up cleaning supplies!

Carrier Oils
The Fractionated Coconut Oil is my favorite carrier oil. I am loving it in all of my roller bottle blends. It absorbs nicely into the skin. The Organic Jojoba oil is great for my face serum!

Bath Bomb Supplies

DIY Hand Soap

Label Maker for all those Cute Oily Bottles!!

Do you have questions about how to get started with Essential Oils, let me help you with your Young Living Oils! 

I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Easy Roller Bottle Labels

When I started making all of my roller ball blends, I needed to figure out an easy and cute way to label my bottles. While I have a vinyl cutting machine and for about two seconds I thought I could make super cute labels using that, (until I remembered my love hate relationship with the machine!!!) I decided that wasn't practical for labeling the bottles quickly and easily. 

Then one day I discovered this amazing little label maker the Brother P-Touch Label Maker and its not only makes very cute little labels, but I can create them so fast, without getting out my vinyl cutter. 

And the best part (besides being so cute) is that they actually stay attached to the glass bottles, even if you accidentally get a little oil on the labels. Have I mentioned I love making roller blends!

Do you want to learn more about oils? Stop on over here! 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Essential Oils, Where Have You Been All My Life!!!!

I recently made a major life change for my family and signed up with Young Living! We had not used Essential Oils before this, but I had heard a lot of great things about them, and decided it was worth checking them out to see if I could help with some of my family concerns without resorting to medication and chemicals. 

4 months in and I am hooked!!! I can't believe I didn't know about essential oils before now. But I am so glad we finally made the switch. 

They say the average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every day! I wanted to try and cut down my families exposure to all the unsafe chemicals, and we can do this with essential oils. 

Three of my favorite oils are Lavender, Frankincense and Thieves. We are constantly diffusing lavender in our house, and I have made a night time roller blend for both of my kids to help promote relaxing before bed. Lavender smells amazing and its just an all around useful oil! I love my frankincense oil! I made myself a face serum that has frankincense in it. It has actually decreased the redness in my face! I roll frankincense all over my neck and face, I just love it!  I also love diffusing Thieves. We recently had a run of colds in our family and I diffused Thieves constantly. It cut down on our sick time! Which with two kids is a must! 

I also recently replaced all of our cleaning products with natural cleaning products. Including Young Livings Thieves cleaning products. Two months ago, after returning home from the cleaning ladies cleaning my house, I had to diffuse Purification to get rid of the awful intense chemical they sprayed in my house to clean it. It was awful and not only that, I have no clue what was in that chemical that I was exposing my family too. Now my cleaning ladies (and myself) use my natural cleaning supplies made with my Young Living Essential Oils and the last time they cleaned the house it smelled much better!! No toxic fumes!! 

I was attracted to Young Living because of their Seed to Seal process, which is a promise to integrity. The company is 23 years old and they add no fillers, no additives, just the oils!

Want to join the oil community? And start your life with oils?

The most cost effective way to purchase oils is with the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. The  Premium Starter Kit includes 11 oils, 1 amazing diffuser, samples, and 24% off future purchases and an AMAZING community of oil lovers! The oils included are: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Copibia, Frankincense, Thieves, R.C. Purification, DiGize, PanAway and Stress Away. If you purchased these oils separately and with the diffuser at the retail price it would cost you over $250!! Plus with the Premium Starter Kit you get a wholesale membership which gives you 24% off retail pricing on all future orders!! Ready to join to oil community??

Once you purchase the Premium Starter kit you can simpy enjoy your oils and be under absolutely no obligation to do anything in the future. If you would like to continue purchasing oils at the 24% off wholesale rate, you simply need to place a 50PV order a year (most likely only $50) With a wholesale membership you can always choose to share your love of oils like I am with you, but again you are never under any obligation to do so!!!

Clink over to the sign up page!  The link should already auto fill in my Sponsor ID and Enroller ID Number of  12980563. You do not at this point need to give your Social Security Number. I recommend the Dew Drop Diffuser! It's simple!

Please contact me with any questions!! Oils are amazing and I wish my family started using them years ago!! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Quilting, quilting and more quilting

My forth, fifth and sixth quilts!! 

This is my first Jelly Roll Quilt. Wow was it easy! It came together so fast, I love fast projects. And I absolutely LOVE the fabric in this quilt. Surprisingly, this is a quilt I made for myself and kept for myself!! Out of the 6 quilts I have made, I have only kept 2 for myself. 

Quilt number 5 is a quilt I made for my sister and her husband for their wedding. I also love how this one turned out! For this I used Jeni Baker's Side Braid Pattern. This is the mini version.  I love Cotton + Steel fabric. 


And quilt number 6, is a quilt I made for my niece for Christmas. Yet another Jelly Roll Race Quilt. This fabric is Lullaby by Kate and Birdie for Moda fabrics.

I am currently working on quilt number 7 (ANOTHER QUILT FOR ME!!!! And ordering fabric for quilt number 8. Picking out fabric is so much fun! But also so difficult!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to Save Money Building Your Dream House

When we first started looking at house plans, we looked at smaller houses. But we decided to go for a bigger floor plan knowing that we would not be able to UPGRADE as much. We knew we were going to be in this house for a while, so we wanted the space. We knew what we wanted to spend on a house and we were going to stay in budget!

You can read all about my experiences building a house here.

Here are my tips on how we saved on building our house!
  • We put in laminate counter tops. While I would have liked something prettier, I like what we picked out, and we can easily change them out in the future! 
  • Wire Shelving. I asked them not to add the wire shelving that is standard in all 3 of the closets in the kid bedrooms, the laundry room and the mudroom. I knew day one I was going to have a wooden closet organizer put in the kids bedrooms, and the craft room I was going to do some sort of adjustable shelving, so why have them put the holes in the wall just for me to tear them out! We saved a lot! But then we had a laundry room and mudroom with no shelving what so ever.... it took a couple moths to get these spaces functional, but I would do it again!
  • Mirrors. I asked them not to put mirrors in the main floor powder room and in the master bathroom. I bought my own, and in my style for less than the boring builder ones.
  • Bath Room Accessories. Originally I upgraded my powder room towel bar and toilet paper holder to bronze to match my lighting and door nobs, but after thinking about how much they were charging for the upgrade, I had them completely remove these items from the bathroom and I ordered exactly what I wanted online for less than what the basic builder ones cost. Yes I had to install a toilet paper holder and towel ring day one, but it was so easy!! And saved me! 
  • Towel Bars. In both the kids bathroom and the master bathroom, I asked for all towel bars to be removed. Towel bars don't work for kids, in my opinion, and I had hooks with their initials I wanted to use. Simple money saved! 
  • Carpet. I have a 5 and 3 year old. They are messy. It is only a matter of time before they pee, poop and throw up on the carpet. At some point in the future, we can replace the carpet when this is gross. The included carpet is just fine! 
  • Vinyl Flooring. I almost upgraded the vinyl flooring in our mudroom. I am so glad I didn't. The included kind I picked looks fabulous. And honestly I never look at it anyways. We also used the included vinyl in both upstairs bathrooms. Someone thought it was tile, it looks great. Money saved!
  • Deck. I do NOT want a cookie cutter deck. So we saved about $1,000 by having them put in a "Jump Deck" which is about 4 feet by 8 feet. Basically, it is considered a legal exit in the event of a fire, because we could jump from it??
My splurge upgrades
  • Kitchen Faucet. Our island with our kitchen sink is in the middle of everything. This was a must for me.
  • Front Door Handles. The standard front door handle was just a simple twist knob. Seemed like the thing to do to put a prettier handle on to welcome people to our home.  
  • Laundry Sink Hook-up. I have never had a sink in my laundry room before. Several people told me we would want this. So I got this. Almost 6 months in, I have not added a laundry sink yet. 
  • Light Fixtures. I splurged on pendants for above the island and for the dinning room. They were really not that much of a splurge, but man were they worth it. Several people ask if the fixtures are Pottery Barn!!! I almost only did the island pendants and not the dinning room light, but I am so glad I did both. The lights are fabulous! 
What I almost upgraded, but didn't
  • Tray Ceiling in Bedroom. This was $350. I wish we would have upgraded this. But then I think does it really matter?? 
  • Built in Garbage Can. I remember telling the builder a pull out garbage can was a must. A MUST!! Then I saw it was $250 for a pull out garbage can and I re-thought it. And I am actually ok with the fact I turned this down. It was a small container and we have a lot of garbage, we would have had to empty it a lot during the week. 
  • Painting. When they handed us the keys, the entire house was painted "Heather" or white. By the time we slept here for the first time 2 days later 3 rooms were no longer white. And since then a total of 7 rooms have been painted. At the time I wished we would have had them paint the rooms, but we survived and my husband so nicely even helped out with a few rooms!! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yet Another Frozen Party

My daughter goes through a faze where every January she becomes obsessed with Frozen, so when it comes time to talk about what kind of party she wants, its a Frozen party! Maybe it has to do with our wintery Wisconsin weather!!! But she has insisted on this theme two years in a row! And of course I did not keep any of the decorations from my last year party.

It doesn't look all that difference from last year! This year I tried to use a little more purple for something different!

I sort of threw it together the day before, I have been sick a lot this winter (see my previous post on my tonsillectomy!!) But Ava loved it, so that's all that matters!!!

Having a birthday right after Christmas makes decorating for a frozen party so much easier. All of these trees are Christmas decorations of mine, and my mother and mother in law!!! I loved the table skirt tutu so much from last year I made yet another one this year (seriously it doesn't take long to make at all, maybe 2 hours!!! and its so cute!!!) But now the big question is, do I sell this one or do I keep it for next year if she decides its got to be another frozen party!!!??????? I think I am going to sell it, its a lot to tulle and takes up a lot of space!!
I didn't realize these balloons were so big, but they turned out awesome!!! They worked very well over the Kids table!
Simple wand favors and tiara headbands also double as table d├ęcor!
What Frozen party would be complete without a life sized Stormtropper wearing a crown and a tutu!!! Ava LOVED that we dressed him up for her party!!!! She thought that was awesome!!!!
Check out the awesome cake that my mom made her!! I love how it turned out!!! And more importantly, Ava loved it!!
My daughter had a great 4th birthday party!!! So that is the most important part! I am glad I could make her day special for her!!! And hopefully she picks something different for next year, because I am all out of Frozen party ideas!